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Vegetation Photos in the ANBG Collection

The Australian National Botanic Gardens has built up a collection of photos depicting a wide range of habitats and vegetation types. While the classification of vegetation is quite subjective, this page is provided as a guide to help people find photos.

Use a separate search to find photos of plant species.

The broad categories published by the National Land and Water Resources Audit in 2001 are used below, based on the book: Australian Native Vegetation Assessment 2001. These were used since that time in a 'vegetation' field linked to photos in the Australian Plant Image Index. Some categories were added to account for other photos in the collection, like 'Stoney Downs or Gibber'.

The 'Profiles' with each vegetation category are derived from those recognised by the Department of Environment. They are extracted from the 2007 web publication: Australia's Native Vegetation - A summary of Australia's Major Vegetation Groups, 2007 with diagrams from the Atlas of Australian Resources - Vol. 6, Vegetation, AUSLIG, Canberra, 1990, with supplimentary material credited in each profile.
Some of the above categories have been split onto two in the list below (ie 'Rainforests and Vine Thickets').

Photos from the Australian Plant Image Index
Vegetation Profile
Rainforest Profile
Vine thickets Profile
Eucalypt tall open forests Profile
Eucalypt open forests Profile
Eucalypt low open forests Profile
Eucalypt woodlands Profile
Acacia forests and woodlands Profile
Callitris forests and woodlands Profile
Casuarina forests and woodlands Profile
Melaleuca forests and woodlands Profile
Other forests and woodlands Profile
Eucalypt open woodlands Profile
Tropical eucalypt woodlands/grasslands Profile
Acacia open woodlands Profile
Mallee woodlands and shrublands Profile
Low closed forests and closed shrublands Profile
Acacia shrublands Profile
Chenopod shrublands, samphire shrublands Profile
Alpine shrublands and herbfields Profile
Other shrublands Profile
Heathlands Profile
Tussock grasslands Profile
Hummock grasslands Profile
Other grasslands, herblands, sedgelands and rushlands Profile
Herbfields Profile
Mangroves Profile
Claypans, salt lakes, bare areas Profile
Stony downs, gibber plains Profile
Sand dunes Profile
Rivers, creeks  
Lagoons, freshwater lakes and reservoirs  
Cleared/modified native vegetation  
Agricultural land  
Marine, rockpools, shoreline  
Micro-habitats    (habitats for cryptogams)  


Useful keywords

Here are some keywords related to vegetation that might be useful when searching the 'Non-plant' photos (kwikpik) in the ANBG Photograph Collection.

Open Kwikpik, and go to the 'Keywords' field:

Use + followed by key words separated by commas,
ie. + vine, buttress    returns photos of vine plus buttress
replace + with comma to get either vines or buttress

agricultural escarpment marine salt lake
alpine fire mountains sand
arid flood overgrazing samphire
buttress gibber plantation sandstone
cliff gypsum pool sea
coast lake red sand snow
creek limestone remnant swamp
creek-dry mallee river vine
dune mangrove salinity waterfall



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