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Dendroglyph on Callitris tree

Aboriginal carving into a living Callitris tree near Narromine, NSW, 1941. Photo: Lindsay Black.

Some plants used by Australian Aboriginals

  • with drawings of the plants, the Aboriginal Trail leaflet for ANBG.

Aboriginal Plant Use - NSW Southern Tablelands

  • A website developed under an ACT Heritage Grant by Daphne Nash.

Aboriginal use of fungi

  • part of a comprehensive fungi web site.

Carved Trees or Dendroglyphs

  • PDF of 'Burial Trees' by Lindsay Black, Robertson & Mullens (1941)
  • PDF on Aboriginal 'Burial Trees' by J.H. Benham, Wild Life, Nov. p.417, (1942)
  • PDF Carved Trees - Aboriginal Cultures of western NSW, State Library of NSW (2011)

Bibliography of 'bush tucker' plant books and articles

  • One of a series of bibliographies prepared by the Gardens' Library.

Indigenous weather knowledge

  • BOM's web site explaining Aboriginal concepts of growing seasons.


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