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Federation Flora - 1901-2001
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Federation Flower for the Northern Territory

Alpinia purpurata

Federation Lady

Alpinia purpurata Federation Lady imageThe Story of Federation Lady

The creation of Federation Lady began nine years ago in Darwin, with the cross between cultivars Alpinia 'Jungle King' and Alpinia 'Jungle Queen'. Both of these cultivars are derived from Alpina purpurata.

This cross, aimed at improving the attractiveness, colour, form, yield and vase life of the Alpina species (also known as gingers), was undertaken by Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries horticulturists Jeremy Powell and Debbie Nielsen.

A total of 40 seedlings arose from this cross, each showing varying characteristics. The seven best were selected and released to industry in 1994 as the "Darwin series". Federation Lady was selected later from the same crossing program.

Centenary of Federation Northern Territory and the Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries formed a partnership to develop and promote Federation Lady. Federation Lady is a light pink colour with slightly rounded conical shaped top with bracts arranged attractively. This plant is suitable for gardens with semi-shade or morning sun. Federation Lady will be available to the public through commercial nurseries from 2001.

How to grow The Lady

Federation Lady prefers free draining soils amended with organic matter such as compost and age chicken manure. Regular application of general garden fertiliser every 4-6 weeks is beneficial. Plants should be mulched and watered regularly.

Mature plants grow to 3-4 metres with peak flowering through late build up to the end of the Wet season, although some flowers are present throughout the year. It will take 12-18 months for significant flowering.

How to arrange The Lady

Federation Lady looks magnificent in large tropical arrangements that can last for up to 21 days.

Highlight the majestic beauty of The Lady by arranging amongst softer tropical foliage.

The Lady also looks wonderful placed amongst other tropical beauties such as Haleconia.

Heavier style vases and pots add to the dramatic impact of Federation Lady arrangements.


Information supplied by the NT Dept of Primary Industry and Fisheries, Tel: 08 - 8999 2292


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