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The year 2001 was the focus for celebrations marking the Centenary of Federation. Throughout Australia there were events to commemorate the occasion of our Federation and the achievements of our first 100 years as a nation.

As part of the celebrations each state was asked to nominate a 'federation flower', a plant which would be ready for release in 2001 for use as an ornamental.

State or
Trade Name
Botanical Name
Common Name
More Information
Australian Capital Territory Canberra Federation Rose Rosa 'Canberra Rose' Canberra Rose information
New South Wales Federation Stars Actinotus helianthi Flannel Flower information
Northern Territory Federation Lady Alpinia purpurata hybrid Pink Ginger information
Queensland Federation Gold Bracteantha hybrids Everlasting Daisies information
South Australia Centenary Starburst Thryptomene ericaea Mat Heath Myrtle information
Tasmania   Phebalium daviesii St Helens Wax Flower information
Victoria Scarlet Blaze Acacia leprosa form red flowered form of Cinnamom Wattle information
Western Australia Kings Park Federation Flame Anigozanthos rufus Red Kangaroo Paw information


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