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Expanding knowledge of Australian plant biodiversity knowledge, scientific excellence, leadership and innovation in plant systematics, and conservation and evolutionary biology.


To enhance knowledge, understanding, conservation and sustainable utilisation of Australia’s plant biodiversity.

Centre Goals

  • to be a national centre of research excellence in the fields of plant systematics and conservation biology, as a basis for conservation and sustainable management and use of Australian vegetation

  • to develop and manage scientific collections of Australian and related floras as the Australian National Herbarium, a permanent record of Australian plant diversity, and as a resource for research on these floras, and to provide the scientific authenticity of the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

  • to provide a national focus for and play a role in national botanical database management, and to represent and promote Australia internationally within the botanical database management field

  • to pursue research, education and training relevant to Centre programs and objectives

  • to ensure that the two parties add value to each other and the Centre, through their differing backgrounds and disciplines and, through the Centre, serve the parent bodies and stakeholders, including the living collections of the Parties, and

  • to maximise the benefits flowing from applications of Centre intellectual property




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