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Databases - flora and vegetation for land management


Compiled by Gudrun Wells, 2003, as part of research undertaken for Environment Australia on accessibility of national botanical and vegetation data.





Other Relevant Data



ABIF – Flora


Australian Biological Resources Study

Descriptions, keys, photos, illustration, maps

To make freely available, taxonomic and biological information on all algae, bryophytes, fungi, lichens and vascular plants known to occur in Australia

Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants



Species information

Photos, low-resolution map, conservation status, species description, propagation notes. Also has links to regional groups species lists

To foster the interchange of ideas and information among people interested in Australian plants

Australian Common Names Database


Australian National Botanic Gardens

Searchable database of common names and their scientific equivalents

Reference list

To document all common names that have been applied to Australian native plants

Australian Virtual Herbarium


Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria (CHAH)

Point locations of herbarium data

High resolution, interactive map
(select appropriate node)

About the AVH

To provide immediate access to the wealth of data associated with scientific plant species in each Australian herbarium

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act



Likelihood of occurrence in an area for threatened communities and mapped extent for WHA, RAMSAR, conservation reserves, RFA etc.

Interactive map. Links to advice for the minister on management, threats etc.

A searchable database to help determine whether matters of national environmental significance are likely to occur in your area of interest



CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products, Bushcare

Information about using native fungi in revegetation and advice on sourcing and propagating native fungi

Information about fungi collection, restoration methods, links to other information

To encourage and enable people to find and recognize fungi and to use the fungi efficiently and responsibly in management and restoration of landscapes

Growing Native Plants


Australian National Botanic Garden

Cultivation notes on Australian Plants

Low resolution map, photos, species description, pest problems

To update cultivation notes previously printed by the ANBG, and make them more widely available

Native Vegetation Types and Extent


EA - Australian Natural Resources Atlas - NHT

Information on vegetation types (answers to specific questions - not a searchable database, based on bioregions)

Vegetation profiles, pre- and post-clearance distribution

under 'Vegetation and Biodiversity'

Provides an easily accessible and nationally consistent framework for describing and compiling data and information all vegetation types in Australia

Weeds Australia


National Weeds Strategy

List of weeds of national significance; Database of government and community references

Strategic management plans for national weeds

A strategic approach to weed problems of national significance.

What's its name?



Nomenclatural information

Low resolution map

A concise database of plant names and name changes for Australia

Atlas of NSW Wildlife

State (NSW)


List of sightings for a chosen area ("not exhaustive or scientifically verified")

Legal status. For a fee can get coordinates, accuracy and dates of sightings

Provide information about plant and animal sightings across NSW


State (NSW)

RBG Sydney

Location (subdivision of NSW) based on herbarium data

Conservation status

Provide information about NSW plant names, distributions and conservation status


State (NSW)

RBG Sydney

Point locations of herbarium data for NSW Wattles

Photos, low-resolution map, species description, habit.

Provide information about NSW wattles

Census of Vascular Plants of Victoria

State (Vic)

National Herbarium of Victoria

List of plants in Vic. based on herbarium data

Conservation status, origin

Create an up-to-date list of the names of vascular plants in Victoria

Charles Sturt University Virtual Herbarium

Regional (upper Murray and Murrumbidgee)

CSU, DLWC, CMA for upper Murray and Murrumbidgee

Herbarium specimen information

Photos (specimen, landscape), data from specimen sheet, distribution, species description

Helping to advance the understanding and sound management of the flora of the Upper Murray and Murrumbidgee region.

Greening the Grainbelt

Regional (Harden Murrumburrah)


Herbarium specimen information

Species description, associated species, habitat, cultivation and other propagation notes

About 'Greening the Grainbelt'

Provides botanical guidance for revegetating portions of Harden Shire with native vegetation

Riverina Revegetation Guide

Regional (Riverina)

CSU, Berrigan Shire, Native Dog Landcare Group

Information on revegetation issues *links to CSUVH

Species lists, species descriptions, vegetation descriptions, habit, habitat, propagation

Database accessed from left-hand side of this page

Provides information about growing indigenous plants in the Riverina

South West Slopes Revegetation Guide

Regional (upper Murray and Murrumbidgee)

DLWC, Murray Catchment Committee

Information on revegetation issues *links to CSUVH

Distribution, habitat, habit, species description, characteristics, propagation, wildlife use

Provides information about growing indigenous plants on the South West Slopes

Electronic Flora of South Australia

State (SA)

SA Plant Biodiversity Centre

Contains the Plant Distribution Mapper; Census of SA Plants, Algae and Fungi; Plant Fact Sheets

Names (scientific and common), species description, geographic and ecological distribution, notes on uses and relationships

To provide a comprehensive Web-projected account of the flora of a large region


State (WA)

WA Herbarium, Department of Conservation and Land Management

Searchable database of plant name (scientific or common) or description

Name, image, library information, distribution map, short species description

Represents the latest information on the State flora.

Greening Australia NSW – vegetation advice

State (NSW)

Greening Australia NSW

Database of vegetation advice searchable by topic or region

Papers, reports, books and lists relating to technical vegetation advice

 Under “Vegetation Advice”

To provide a practical means to address the need for large scale revegetation and management of Australia’s native vegetation

Greening Australia Victoria

State (Vic)

Greening Australia Victoria

Information about revegetation techniques

Manuals on direct seeding and revegetation for Victoria

Engaging the community in vegetation management to protect and restore the health, diversity and productivity of our unique Australian landscapes

Victorian Flora Information System

State (Vic)

NRE Victoria, Information Management Section

A fully-functional geographically-registered, relational database of distribution and descriptive data on Victorian plants

Species lists, descriptions, photos, survey/collection sites, species lists at these sites, maps.

The FIS may be purchased from Viridans provided a data-sharing agreement has been entered into with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment