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Australian Orchid Genera: an information and identification system presents the current status of orchid taxonomy in the form of an illustrated interactive key. All 192 genera of Australian orchids are included, capturing the results of recent revisionary treatments affecting Australian Orchidaceae.

This powerful tool ensures an easy-to-use means of identifying an orchid to generic level using whatever information is available to you. The 127 characters cover morphology – floral parts, fruit, leaves, stems and pseudobulbs – and geographic information. Interpretation of characters is assisted with help notes and images. Identification is assisted using a page of annotated images illustrating unique flower structures.

A comprehensive, easy-to-navigate fact sheet for each genus includes a simple summary of the genus, detailed botanical description, and geographic, biological and ecological information, as well as distinguishing features and a list of references. This information is complemented with high quality images and a distribution map.

This product is also an information package, and includes an illustrated introduction to orchids, the Australian Orchid Name Index, a list of current Australian species, recent generic name changes, and common names.

Australian Orchid Genera is a complete information and identification system for Australian orchids. It has been designed for many users, from professional researchers to those with basic plant knowledge and a love of orchids.


  • Inclusion of 192 Australian orchid genera (including naturalised and hybrids)
  • More than 2500 images – colour photographs, distribution maps, annotated micrographs, and over 260 botanical line drawings
  • Full botanical description of each genus as well as ecological, biological and geographic information
  • 127 characters with a ‘quick set’ of 22 characters
  • Representation of alternative taxonomies
  • List of currently accepted Australian species and recent name changes
  • Australian Orchid Name Index – covering nomenclature of Australian orchids

System Requirements

  • Runs on Lucid Player 2.2
  • CD drive
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Minimum 32MB RAM; 64MB RAM or higher is recommended
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater
  • SVGA monitor (800 x 600 or better)
  • Mouse
  • Internet connection (optional)
  • Runs on Windows Vista (Lucid Player 2.2 patch required)

A sample of the range of images available in Australian Orchid Genera
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Australian Orchid Genera: an information and identification system Authors: DL Jones, T Hopley, SM Duffy, KJ Richards, MA Clements and X Zhang